Legion of Mary

Those with a special devotion to our Blessed Mother meet on Thursday mornings to read scripture and pray the Rosary. We visit Pueblo Norte weekly. We also lead the rosary at funerals upon request and availability.

The Legion of Mary is the largest apostolic organization of lay people in the Catholic Church, with well over 3 million active members in almost every country in the world.

The basic unit of the Legion is called the Praesidium, which holds weekly meetings, where prayer is intermingled with instruction in the Faith, and the work of the apostolate is discussed & planned. Active members are required to attend these weekly meetings at which they undertake some apostolic work assigned to them each week by the Praesidium.

There is also Auxiliary Membership for those who desire to associate themselves with the Legion's work with the support of their prayers.

The objective of the Legion is to give glory to God through a life of holiness cultivated by prayer and active apostolic work. The Legion seeks to operate in close union with the priest or deacon assigned as the Spiritual Director, to whom it looks for its spiritual formation and guidance.